Gauge System

These kits are no longer made. 

      • Since the day the R1200C Cruiser hit the markets in late 1997, it has been missing a vital piece.  Unlike most motorcycles, it came with the “minimalist” look of just having the speedometer.  Some love it, while most others have looked for a way to add more gauges.

      • We have come up with an elegant (and functional) solution for those that have always wanted to add instrumentation to their Cruiser.  This is not a universal ‘bracket”, but a custom designed and machined piece of billet aluminum made specifically for the R1200C Cruiser! Fits all Classic, Montana, Stiletto and Phoenix versions.  Does not fit the CLC or Montauk models!

      • Our Gauge System will allow you to have the tachometer, clock or thermometer mounted permanently on your bike.  You may choose to just mount the clock OR the thermometer, leaving the third gauge off. This system will work with almost all windscreen types and brands (see below).

      • Over 200 of these kits sold!  100% satisfaction rate.  Most customers find out that they have NEVER come close to the red-line of their bikes!  Once they  installed the tachometer, most found an extra 1000 RPM!!!

      • Do-it-yourself installation!  No need to pay a dealer or mechanic! All you need are some basic hand tools. Full instructions included and and/or you can download them here: Reflexx Gauge System Install Manual


        • One Gauge Panel. CNC machined from 6061-T6 aircraft grade “billet” aluminum then polished to a mirror finish! This is NOT a cheap casting or simple bracket!

        • Two Gauge Bodies. For completing the “look” on the back of the Gauge Panel. Also machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, then polished to perfection.

        • Tachometer.  Made by Drag Specialties, it reads up to 8,000 RPM.  It has a white face, chrome body, with a stainless bezel. Designed to be water and vibration resistant.

        • One Analog Clock. Made by Formotion, it is waterproof to 3ATM and made with a beautiful stainless body. $59 if bought separately.

        • One Thermometer. Also made by Formotion to the same high standards and the clock. It is identical in size and construction. $59 if bought separately.

        • Also included. ALL the stainless steel hardware, o-rings and Loctite necessary for installation. BMW badge is NOT included, but easy to get at any BMW dealer.



Model of windscreen

No windscreen YES YES
Euro screen (clear) YES YES
Montana screen YES YES
Touring screen 18″ tall YES YES
Touring screen 22″ tall YES YES
National Cycle screens YES YES
Clearview screens YES YES
Speedster / Phoenix screen YES YES
Aeroflow screens NO NO

Does not fit the CLC or Montauk models! BMW badge/roundle not included!



  1. Very nice Gene~ I can’t wait to get my set mounted. The factory couldn’t do better if they had tried. I still want ta pair of Roundels and shifer toe.

  2. Jay says:

    Thank you Gene. I love the Gauge System. I can not believe the difference now that I can see the Tachometer reading. I also apprecite you taking the time to install it for me.